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Venturer Settles Into Role in Ghana

Posted: 2/16/16 at 11:08am. Blogpost by Sabrina Haynes.

Sabrina Haynes is a Venturer from Westhunt Church, Richmond, who currently serves in Ghana in support of More Than Nets. She’ll serve there until April, helping Emmanuel “Muss” Mustapha in the Yendi region. She wrote the following article describing her experiences so far.

I arrived [in Ghana] with a BGAV mission team already scheduled and loved getting to know everyone on the team. God used them in amazing ways during the week, and I was blessed to be part of some of their work.

ghana mission team sabrina haynes 2016
I met the 600 students and teachers at the school led by Emmanuel Mustapha in Ghana.

All my bags made it to Accra, the capital city, but then two of them got stuck for several days, including all my clothes and shoes. I had one change, which is all I really needed, but the shoes I had with me were not good for the dry dusty climate in Yendi! God does make sure we have all we need and my bags made it a few days later.

So what did the mission team get to witness God do for His people here?!

ghana river baptism 2016

About 500 people said, “yes, I will follow Jesus,” 11 new churches were planted, 3,000 mosquito nets were distributed and over 300 were baptized in the river.

WOW! God is good all the time!

It is 95 degrees or more each day with less than 20% humidity. I am drinking water like crazy and today is day 23 without a diet soft drink – a new record with no end in sight. Ditto for TV. Now if I could just forgo both those when I return..​.

For more information about serving as a Venturer, contact Glenn Maddox in the Mission Development office. Learn more about More Than Nets.