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Weekly Food Pantry at Richmond Church Strategically Meets Community Needs

Posted: 2/25/16 at 11:40am. Written by Aaron Lee.

Each Thursday, Woodland Heights Baptist Church (Richmond) runs a Food Closet ministry out of the church’s former parsonage. This Food Closet is a ministry supported by church donations, World Hunger Funds, and an annual golf tournament. Bread donations from a local grocery store and seasonal, fresh produce from Shalom Farms supplement other food sources.

Caitlin Figura, Community Missions Coordinator, visited the Woodland Heights ministry recently to learn how the BGAV can better resource and partner with hunger ministries in BGAV churches.

The parsonage setup at Woodland Heights gives the Food Closet a warm, homey feel, and volunteers track recipients’ information and life updates in order to pray for their friends and neighbors.

Recently, a social worker in the community was working with a client who described, in glowing terms, the welcoming environment of a local church’s food pantry whose assistance the client had required.

The social worker, a member at Woodland Heights, soon experienced a surge of pride, realizing the food pantry being described was the one operated by his own church community.

Are you reaching your local community through a food pantry, community garden, or other hunger ministry? Contact Caitlin Figura to share an inspiring story or to inquire about receiving support from World Hunger Funds.

Want to learn more about food scarcity in Virginia or best practices for hunger relief? Register to join us for Mission Matters in April, and attend one of our sessions on hunger or community development!