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Welcome to the BGAV: The Seeds Community, Minneapolis, MN

Posted 3/1/2018 at 7:45am.

Did you know that 17 churches joined the BGAV last year? Over the coming weeks we’ll highlight our new churches and introduce you to them. Dale Durie, lead pastor of The Seeds Community, Minneapolis, MN, sent us the following introduction:

It all started in the spring of 2015 with a small band of Jesus-followers dreaming of being the church in a new way.  For a year they discipled and mentored one another in the way of Jesus.

As they did, they wanted to be small enough to care but big enough to dare. They wanted to be a place where “everyone knows your name and is always glad you came,” but also mobilize to make a real difference in the real world.

And by God’s grace it happened.  They grew and adopted a school where they began a food program fighting weekend child hunger. They encouraged the teachers and came to the aid of staff who experienced family crises. All the while, they met in a home to share meals and care for one another.

Then the school offered their auditorium as a place to gather for worship. And some of the people in the community sensed the need for a second community that would dare to make a difference but in a different way.

And now, less than three years later, The Seeds Community is a network of missional communities (15-30 people each) that gather in homes for community and mission and also gather twice a month for collective worship.

The Seeds Community became a Watch Care church of the BGAV in December 2017. Their Lead Pastor, Dale Durie, has completed two years of V3’s learning cohorts and is now a coach for V3, the a church planting movement of the BGAV.

Did you know?

The BGAV is fueling a church planting movement in Virginia and beyond. There are hundreds of eligible and trained church planters; we have the opportunity to help a large percentage of these church plant with your financial support. Want to help spread the gospel? We are seeking to raise $750,000 in order to (a) increase the total number of BGAV churches to 1,500 by 2020 and (b) plant a BGAV church in every state by 2025.

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