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“We’ve been waiting for this church to come.”

As previously mentioned on this blog, Powhatan Community Church recently opened a new campus at Riverside, which is located in Fork Union.

The Brian Hughes, Senior Pastor, writes on their blog:

…It was a vision we first caught two years ago, and confirmation that God has been in it is as visible as the full parking lot and standing-room-only auditorium that was filled beyond capacity today.  This campus was the buzz of the community and I think people are calling their friends and family tonight, telling them they have to come next week.

…There were lots of new families at every campus, and I’ve gotten reports of many fantastic conversations with people who needed a church just like ours.  I personally talked with many people today who said, “We’ve been waiting for this church to come.”  Wow!

Wow, indeed. We celebrate with all churches that are finding new and innovative ways to reach their neighbors. Watch this fantastic video PCC showed at the Riverside launch: