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World Malaria Day: How You Can Help

Posted: 4/2/19 at 4:00pm. Post by Dean Miller.

World Malaria Day is recognized on April 25 each year as a solemn reminder that this disease continues to infect millions of people each year resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

 In 2017 (the latest date for complete figures), there were an estimated 219 million cases and 435,000 related deaths. The majority of these infections and deaths took place in sub-Saharan Africa among young children, pregnant women, and the elderly, whose immune systems are not yet developed or weakened.

BGAV has partnered for the past six years with the Baptists in Ghana.

BGAV has partnered for the past six years with the Baptists in Ghana to help reduce these numbers in a small corner of the world. Yendi, Ghana (in the northeast corner of the country) is home to approximately 196,000 people.

We agreed to provide 100,000 chemically treated mosquito nets in order to protect this entire population. To date, we have supplied 86,000 nets, which completely covers six of the seven districts. Our goal is to complete this project this year by raising funds for the final 14,000 nets.

The analysis of our work has shown a reduction of 43% in the rate of malaria incidents in the areas that are netted. Lives have been saved due to these efforts!

And there has been not only physical salvation, but in the process we have been able to work alongside the Ghanaian church planters to start over 450 churches in each of the villages we have served. Through this, thousands of people have come to know Christ and followed through with baptism. The Spirit is moving across the region.

Will you help us through this final push and help us reach the goal?

Your $10 contribution will purchase the net and ensure that families are properly educated in its use as well as help plant a church.

Visit More than Nets to donate and learn more!

Dean Miller is BGAV’s Mission Development Staff Coordinator.