Appomattox Association Sponsors Sports Day for Fun and Outreach

Posted: 6/26/19 at 1:40pm. Article by Lara Peterson. Grace Hills Baptist Church hosted the Appomattox Baptist Association’s Sports Day on Wednesday, June 12 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. With 94 participants ranging from children who had completed kindergarten through 5th grade, and 28 volunteers from throughout the association, the day was a great success. The participants moved through seven …

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Six Stages of Bible Study that Lead to Discipleship

If we are taking Sunday School/small group Bible study seriously as a place for transformation (instead of knowledge) and a community of faith (instead of simply a classroom experience), then we need to begin understanding how it can be a discipling process. Sunday School/small group is one of the church’s ministries where biblical application, more intimate relationships, and ongoing learning can enhance the transformative process to be more like Christ.

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Best Practices in Church Leadership

Today’s church requires all of us as leaders, whether on staff or volunteer, to stretch our thinking and tackle issues that previous generations just weren’t required to face.How will you, as a local church leader, discover new or expanded practices that might help you overcome current obstacles or enable you to create breakthrough and enhance the vitality of the local ministry the Lord has set you in?

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