You Are What You Choose

I recently attended a seminar led by futurist Matt Thornhill of the Institute of Tomorrow. One of the things he shared which captured my attention was a premise that tomorrow is made up of today’s choices; therefore, we shape tomorrow by the choices we make today.By way of illustration, think of a person’s transformation from being out of shape and overweight into getting back in shape and near to healthy weight. The idea or dream is perhaps the starting point to a new “you,” but many days and many consistent, purposeful, and disciplined decisions are required to get from here to there.

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Try Something New! Apply for a Micro-grant to Start a Fresh Expression of Church

Fresh Expressions is an international movement helping church leaders create new kinds of church among people who are not yet part of any church. Fresh Expressions got its start in the US through the visionary leadership of the BGAV—in fact, Fresh Expressions US wouldn’t exist without the BGAV. Since 2011, Fresh Expressions US has been following the Spirit and building a movement across the country. We’ve led events in 22 states and formed partnerships with 16 different groups. Now we’re sowing back into BGAV churches who want to start fresh expressions of church.

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Meet Our Ministers in Residence

When you’re a BGAV church, there are many, many resources available to you! Is your church urban, suburban, or rural? Do you have 50 active members, or 1,500? Are you struggling financially, or are you experiencing financial growth? Are there certain ministries in your church that you’d like to start or strengthen?A Minister in Residence might be just what you need to get some expert help and advice for your church.

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