From Chaos to Collaboration: An Ant’s Story

Have you ever watched ants when they find food? Within a short period of time, one ant becomes an army of ants. They look really erratic—almost frantic and chaotic. They crisscross here and there, going one way and then changing directions. They move very quickly, sometimes doubling back on their path.

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via Fresh Expressions: Is God Tapping on Your Shoulder?

Most pioneers feel inadequate. But they also feel an unrelenting instinct that SOMEONE needs to come alongside THESE PEOPLE and connect with them. They know the church needs to break out and join in the mission of God already in motion in the community. They feel that they have little to offer, but they become open to offering it anyway.

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In Report, Upton Focuses on BGAV’s Present and Future

“We’ve got hard work to do, but it begins with our own spirit,” said John Upton, Executive Director, as he concluded his message to the BGAV Mission Council. This year, Upton focused his Executive Director's report on how the BGAV has evolved over its nearly 200-year history in order to respond to the ever-changing needs of its churches and to plan strategically for a future that brings new challenges and opportunities.

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