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Racism and the Death of George Floyd

It has been several weeks since Easter, when life was exuberant and expectant. We were so hopeful, even though we worshiped in ways different from our norm because of COVID-19. Now, weeks have passed, and life does not seem as hopeful as it did. The death of George Floyd took our breath away and ignited a rage that has been building with racial tragedies across the country.



Holy Spirit, Rain Down

As I celebrated the day virtually with my scattered congregation, our praise team sang these words, “Holy Spirit rain down, rain down, Oh, Comforter and Friend, How we need your touch again.” I have sung these familiar lyrics hundreds of times before. Yes, it was Pentecost Sunday, good choice of song, but something wasn’t right. Dare I say the Holy Spirit got a hold of me in my family room? My eyes began to well with tears, and I couldn’t sing anymore. My heart was hurting. All I could muster was a feeble, mumbled cry to God.

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