Role Reversal

Christmas is that time of year that seems to bring out the best in us. It’s the time when we experience a role reversal, as we think of others before thinking of ourselves. Perhaps this is a hidden by-product of Christmas. Is this role reversal a fluke? Or in the original Christmas event, did God give us an example of putting others first?

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Revitalize Your Sunday School, Step 11: Preparing for Guests

Every guest should be treated as though you are showing hospitality to angels! Here are some suggestions to help guests feel a part of your church/community of faith.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Waiting seems to be woven into the fabric of Christmas. We wait for the season to begin, and then we count down the days left until Christmas Day. We wait in lines when shopping in stores, wait for parking spots at malls, and wait for planes or trains to arrive.

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