How Are Your Disaster Response Donations Used?

Did you know? Because of our partnerships and the labor provided by our volunteers, we are able to multiply the effectiveness of every dollar you give so that every ONE dollar given is equivalent in value to more than TEN dollars!

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Hurricane Harvey Satelitte

Tony Brooks: 4 Ways to Help When the Storm Comes

My heart has gone out to all of those affected by the storms this past week. I believe that Bible study classes and small groups in our churches and campus ministries should respond in several ways when storms cause hopelessness in our world. We can provide hope!

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Tony Brooks: How to Start Small Groups to Complement Sunday School

Starting small groups is essential in this day and age for discipleship to be effective for our churches. There are many people who work on Sunday. Others are involved with their children with traveling teams. Sunday School cannot carry the burden of disciple-making! What is our first step to start small groups?

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Ed Jordan: Is God a Concept or a Living Being?

While many people believe in the concept of God, there are many views about what such a God is like. For some God is a simply a detached, philosophical concept and is merely an explanation for all the things humans can’t explain in our universe. For Christians, God is a living being who is alive and interacts with us in our lives each day.

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