The Christian Opportunist

Today’s column is a “timely” message (pun intended) for each of us. We all feel the pressure of losing time—once lost, it cannot be reclaimed. For some it was a lifetime of the enjoying the present with no thought to the future; for others it is being so future-minded that they squander present opportunities.

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Impact Mission Camps Provide New Opportunities for Students to Serve

Impact Mission Camps, in its 26th year overall and its second year of five-year partnerships with communities where it serves, gave students and partners new opportunities to share God’s love through service this summer.  For the last several years, the theme for Impact has come from the parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25, with themes such as Hungry, More than Welcome, and Robes of Hope. This year, we practiced Just Visiting—being one expression of the presence of Christ by visiting, forming relationships, and serving.

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via Missio Alliance: The Local Church is a Living Sign of Hope

They bring pulled pork or chicken, maybe a salad and watermelon, and, every so often, a Kool-Aid pie. We sit around our living room eating, drinking, and reading the Gospel of John, or Nehemiah, or most recently, Deuteronomy. Some Wednesdays I remember to recognize the miracle of this little group of people, made up of two men with PhDs, a young woman with a significant learning disability, college students, a young couple, and a 58-year-old man who can’t read. This small, sometimes awkward, group of people embodies the strange, life-giving power of the local church both to me and for the whole world.

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