Time for a Change

We live at a time in history when change is continual. Perhaps life has always been changing at this pace, but I doubt it. Change has always been happening, but the pace seems to have escalated. Awareness of rapid change occurs because of our access to instant, constant announcements of changes. It seems that before we can even process last week’s changes, we are bombarded with two more weeks of change to process. 

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Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2019 BGAV Annual Meeting!

Posted: 9/16/19 at 3:30pm. Registration is now open for the 196th annual meeting of the BGAV, which will be held November 11-13 in Roanoke, VA. Together with our Virginia Baptist family we will explore this year’s theme “Renew,” based on Romans 12:2, with our guest speaker, Scot McKnight. This year’s meeting features Missions Monday with missions-focused breakout sessions, an on-site …

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Revitalize Your Sunday School, Step 2: Feed it Financially

You can tell a church’s priorities by its budget. What does the budget tell you about your church? I know there are some churches who put more money in the cemetery fund than they do in Sunday School and discipleship; what does that say about the church?

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